If you have found yourself on my page then I’m willing to bet that you are a woman who is ready for a transition in her life, but is completely unsure of where to begin or how to get there.

I will say that once you embrace a Spiritual Transition you will come to find that this is not a fast process, but a new way of being. A constant unravelling, and an unending remembering.

Some of you might already have been on this unravelling for years, but are looking for the right person to mirror you during your unfolding.

I am happy to be whoever I am meant to be for you. Whether I’m an introduction to the path, or a cheerleader along the way.

The point is not who I am, but who you are. And the more you discover, the more contagious your epiphanies will become, as you lean into the deepest limitations in your book, knowing Happy Endings are worth rewriting your pages for.

Whether you are ready for a Tarot Reading, Energy Healing, or Empowerment Therapy Session. Each service will guide you closer to yourself at the pace you’re meant for.

Remote Women’s Empowerment Coaching – Bundle of 3
  • 3 – 90 min Remote Sessions
  • Deeply Transformative
  • Tools and Homework
  • for Growth
Energy Healing
  • 60 min Remote Session
  • Reiki Master
  • Transmute the old to enter the new
  • Cathartic Release
Tarot Reading
  • 60 min Remote Session
  • Receive an Energetic Report of your recent past, present, and future regarding the theme that weighs heaviest on you.


Ashley’s guidance has helped me tremendously. During the very first session she uncovered decades old childhood trauma that I had never recognized or worked through. She guided me through that process as well as others. Ashley is rightly inquisitive, careful and calming in her methods and is naturally empathetic. Truly a joy to work with for healing and worthwhile addition to any practice or lifestyle for coaching and/or guidance.

Zeljka Toman