As an empath and deeply intuitive person, I have been guided to devoting my adult life to discovering my truth and honouring that truth; despite any fear, limitation, or 3rd party point of view. I have worked through the balance of honouring my emotions, allowing and embracing them, seperating myself from others’ emotions, and offering space for change when I feel it brewing inside of me.

From a young age, I have always felt that the very human trials and tribulations I have navigated, have been meant for something greater. I felt that the more I understood myself, the more another would also have permission to feel understood. The connection to all was always something I understood innately before ever hearing it reflected back to me.

I am a Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach, Tarot Reader, and Reiki Master. I am highly clairsentient and seek to understand another by standing in their shoes. Together, once we honour and understand, we ask what it needs, and transmute each truth hand in hand.

If there is one message that I would want women to integrate through our time together; it’s that they are valid. Their story is valid, their experience is valid, their reaction is valid. Their emotions are valid, and they all stem from a deeper wound that needs witnessing. And most of all, I want them to know that their dreams, wishes, and values have always been valid. No matter the circumstance before them. And together we can shed the limitations that each circumstance has instilled and make space for what is true.



Remote Empowerment Coaching is a lot like counseling. However, there is a deeper, guided, and more intentional devotion to uncovering the root of your experience so that a greater understanding can be applied to how you relate to your circumstances today. Together, we learn about the various “parts” of self, and how those parts speak through you. We learn about strategy around how to align ourselves with a healthy energy within our relationships with others and ourselves. And we will learn about the various vibrations we reside in, and how to shift our vibration naturally. Of all my offerings, coaching is the most transformative because your shifts happen through experience, and you are also provided the tools needed to integrate those changes into your daily life.


Remote Healing Sessions can only go as deep as your soul is willing to allow, so there is no need to worry about anything happening that you do not consent to. But for those who are ready, we may tap into very deeply seeded emotions and traumas and that are begging to be acknowledged and released. I recommend no more than one healing session a month, because your life’s unfolding will continue the transmuting of the wound for weeks after a session takes place. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be grieving afterwards, but you will find yourself in events and circumstances that greater integrate the intention of the necessary DNA shift; Everything happens in divine time. Some clients might feel emotions or sensations on their body. They may see visions or colours during our sessions. Some might even fall asleep. All experiences are normal. Even if you feel or see nothing at all, I will be able to confirm that deep work has been done through the sensitivity that I move through on your behalf.


Remote Tarot Sessions are a great tool for tapping into your energy and pinpointing the truth of what you want and what your soul is asking you to embrace next. You will feel a catharsis, knowing that not only are you on the right path, but your intuition has always been guiding you in the direction you are meant to go. Even if sometimes that direction feels bumpy. Know that we always have free will and sometimes we may choose a different path, or to delay the path presented. There is no wrong decision, and I truly believe that every choice we make always leads us home no matter what we decide.


I had my second reading this year with Ashley and I am blown away with not only her accuracy, but with the gentleness of her delivery! She tells you what needs to be said, in a way that is filled with love and guidance. She is great at explaining everything with clarity, providing a deeper understanding of the message. I cried during most of the reading. The emotions she shined a light on during the reading were so accurate, and I knew it was time to start acknowledging what I had been feeling for a while. Immediately afterwords I felt so lighthearted and weightless. It was like having a facial, going to the gym, and losing 10 lbs all at once! I highly recommend!

Zabrina Steffler

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